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Trekking to the Mayan lost city of EL MIRADOR

Trekking to the Mayan lost city of El Mirador (Finding the largest pyramid in the world; La Danta):

Travel dates:

Daily fixed departures in December 2022 and January 2023 for you and your friends to decide your own start dates.

Cosmic Convergence Festival fixed departure: 

Before the Festival: from Dec. 19th to Dec. 29th 

After the Festival: from Jan. 6th to Jan 16th 


11 days - 10 nights

Group size:

15-20 Explorers 

Expedition type & rating:

-Travel vacation package.

-Culture, adventure, community, nature, and spirituality.

-Moderate level.


Airport: Guatemala City (GUA)

-Arrival & departure. 


Price per explorer:

$.2,600.00 (including the festival ticket)

Travel for free: 

When you form your own group of at least seven explorers your trip it's totally free 

or if you prefer, the price of your trip is reduced within all the participants of your group. 


Contact information:


Your truly epic transformative expedition to the deepest part of the heart of the Mayan biosphere reserve. Where is hidden inside the jungle, one of humanity's best secrets, and you are about to know why. 

The enigmatic lost city of El Mirador is one of the most energetic, powerful & magical places on planet earth. It's the cradle and most important city of the great Maya civilization, actually its ancient headquarters. The site where it was created was the first political state of all the Americas, the first superhighway of the world, and the impressive Temple of La Data; considered the biggest pyramid in Earth’s volume (more giant than Giza, Egypt). 

Plus, your visit to the majestic sacred site of Tikal (World Heritage site), Antigua's (World Heritage site) beautiful colonial city and the magical Lake Atitlan with its volcanoes and Cosmic Convergence Festival.  

Specially designed for natural explorers on a life quest with a high sense of adventure, deep connection with mother nature, and the magical, peaceful, and healing experience of visiting the Mayan ancient energetic sites. 
Trust us; it will leave you with stories to share for ten lifetimes ...

DAY 01:
Departure Date: Dec 19th

Welcome to Guatemala (Heart of the Mayan world), transfer to Antigua.

Welcome by your team at the Aurora International Airport (GUA) and private transportation (at any time) to the beautiful and colonial City in ruins of La Antigua Guatemala (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), a magical town full of charm and probably the most visited one in the country. 

Free time to explore (try to arrive before noon to enjoy the sunset in Antigua with tea, coffee, or drinks), begin to connect with some other festival goers, and by the way, try to rest and prepare yourself for your upcoming transformative journey. 

Meals: None.
Lodging: Boutique hotel Antigua.
Activities: Welcome transfer and sightseeing. 
DAY 02:
Departure Date: Dec 20th

I am getting lost in the World Heritage city of Antigua (and I love it).

Breakfast and time for you to get lost in the World Heritage city of Antigua because the rest of the day it's entirely yours. 
So take your time and get out there, walk its famous cobblestone streets, central plaza, cathedral, history and art museums,  jade stores (the sacred stone of the Mayans), fantastic handicraft markets, and much more. 

Visit a local cafe and try probably one of the best coffees you have ever tried, take photos of its unique stores, and don't miss the Calle del Arco (Arch street) and El Mirador El Cerro de la Cruz (with a fantastic panoramic view of the city).

And during the afternoon, your transportation to Guatemala City for your night luxury fully equipped and comfortable Pullman bus. You close your eyes in Guatemala City and open them in the Mayan lowlands of Peten (home of the most iconic sacred sites) on the following day, as simple as that.

Meals: Dinner.

Lodging: Overnight luxury Pullman bus (with all amenities).

Activities: Leisure time in Antigua.


Day 3

Departure Date: Dec 21st 

The Mayan lowlands of El Peten and the picturesque Isla de Flores at Lake Peten Itza (or the soothsayer priest of the water).

Early arrival to the small and charming Isla de Flores, located in the middle of Peten Itza lake, for your typical local breakfast and time to explore your beautiful surroundings.

In addition, your introductions to the Mayan world by learning more about the history of the ancient Mayans who inhabited these areas, the Itzaes, and their different Mayan dynasties.


Meals: None.

Lodging: Boutique hotel Isla de Flores

Activities: Leisure time in Isla de Flores.


Day 4

Departure Date: Dec 22nd

The beginning of your trek to the lost Mayan city of El Mirador and El Tintal sacred site.

Typical morning breakfast followed by your guided ride through the jungle Mayan communities until Carmelita shire and the beginning of our uplifting expedition to connect with the mighty jungle, its mysticism, and magic.

So it’s about time to decipher the greatest mysteries and enigmas of this impressive civilization as you walk through its dense jungle paths, with plenty of breathtaking views and photo hotspots.

Trek until El Tintal, an archeological site with a Mayan football courtyard, acropolis, and the Henequen pyramid (47 meters or 155 feet). 

Jungle dinner and lodging under the stars at El Tintal campsite.

Meals: All.

Lodging: Camping (on a private tent for one person or shared for more).

Activities: Trekking, wildlife photography, stargazing, and legends about the Maya civilization and El Mirador.


Day 05

Departure Date: Dec 23rd

Trekking from El Tintal to the heart of the Mayan Biosphere Reserve.


Early jungle breakfast and the continuation of your journey with snacks and lunch in the middle of the jungle. 

The visit of the archeological site of La Muerta (one of the most unusual sites because of having two subterranean labyrinths) until the lost city of El Mirador. 

Appreciating the indescribable sunset of the Mayan biosphere reserve at the top of El Tigre pyramid. 

Jungle dinner and camping under the stars at El Mirador campsite.

Meals: All.

Lodging: Camping (on a private tent for one person or shared for more).

Activities: Trekking, wildlife photography, stargazing, and legends about the Maya civilization and El Mirador. 


Day 06

Departure Date: Dec 24th

Finally, El Mirador and your deep connection with the Kan Kingdom (or the snake dynasty) and La Danta pyramid.

Early wake-up and appreciation of the majestic and breathtaking sunrise of the Mayan jungle and its inhabitants. Breakfast on El Mirador campsite and all-day exploration of La Danta pyramid, with an impressive structure that reaches more than 170 meters high, around 300 by 300 meters wide (making an unbelievable average of 2.8 million cubic meters of handwork) and dated from more than 1,000 BC. 

El Mirador (the sunrise of the Maya Biosphere Reserve)_.jpg

The Jaguar Claw Temple, the baseboard of the Popol Vuh’s hero twins (the Mayan bible), you will decode and channel the writings on stone by the ancient Mayans. Jungle lunch at the campsite, the sunset of the jungle, and history telling and myths of El Mirador and the Maya civilization. Dinner and camping under the stars at El Mirador campsite.

Meals: All.

Lodging: Camping (on a private tent for one person or shared for more).

Activities: Sunrise and sunset at the top of the pyramids, trekking, bonfire, stories, and legends about the Maya civilization and El Mirador.


Day 07

Departure Date: Dec 25th

The beginning of your return; trekking from El Mirador to El Tintal.

Early jungle breakfast and the continuation of your trek back to El Tintal archaeological site, following the same jungle paths that lead you here. 

Snacks, lunch in the middle of the jungle, dinner, and camping under the stars at El Tintal campsite.

Meals: All.

Lodging: Camping (on a private tent for one person or shared for more).

Activities: Trekking, wildlife photography, stargazing, and legends about the Maya civilization and El Mirador. 

Day 08 

Departure Date: Dec 26th

Thank you for everything, mighty jungle and ancient world, and welcome back to civilization.

Early jungle breakfast at El Tintal campsite and your last day in the jungle, snacks on the way, and your return to Carmelita for a well-deserved typical and local lunch. 


To then continue with your transportation back to Isla de Flores, for a free afternoon to recover yourself from the trek and relax. Check-In Hotel Isla de Flores.

Meals: Breakfast and lunch.

Lodging: Boutique Hotel Isla de Flores.

Activities: Trekking, wildlife photography, insect catching, stargaze, and Isla de Flores sightseeing. 

Day 09

Departure Date: Dec 27th

The majestic & sacred Tikal (World Heritage Site) and the Great Jaguar temple:

Breakfast and your transportation to Tikal (the city of the voices); definitely one of the most famous Mayan archaeological sites of the Mayan territory, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Tikal is a place full of magic and mysticism whose history begins around 2000 years A.C., and today, archaeologists are still working on the site, finding day to day more evidence of our ancient and wise civilization.

Among its remarkable structures excels the Great Jaguar (or Temple 1), an icon for the Mayas, located in the Central Acropolis, Temple 2 (or the Masks), The Lost World, the Window Palace, and the Temple 4 (or the two-headed serpents) that it's one of the tallest pre-Columbian structures of all the Americas. 

Dinner and your night transportation on a luxury and comfortable Pullman bus back to Guatemala city.

Meals: None.

Lodging: Overnight luxury Pullman bus (with all amenities). 

Activities: Tikal exploration.


Day 10

Departure Date: Dec 28th

Antigua Guatemala cultural and art walking experience.

Early arrival in the morning to Guatemala City followed by a unique typical breakfast in the downtown of this cosmopolitan city, for then continuing with your day back to where everything started, Antigua. 

And now, your time to walk the cobbled streets of this city focusing on its art, culture, and great history. Visiting its most emblematic places, hot spots and its local living legends.

Meals: None.

Lodging: Boutique hotel Antigua.

Activities: Antigua walking tour.

Day 11

Departure Date: Dec 29th


Tomorrow the festival begins, so if you want to include your accommodation for Cosmic Convergence (Cosmic Lodging Hotels / Cosmic Tents or the Theme Camp The Journey) in your travel expedition package, just write us at 


Lake Atitlan and Cosmic Convergence festival:

Morning typical breakfast and the beginning of your journey through the Mayan highlands, most known as the sectors of our indigenous Mayan culture alive. Areas surrounded by beautiful landscapes of mountains, volcanoes, indigenous communities, and all kinds of crops until the town of Panajachel, located on the shores of one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, Atitlan. 

And it is in the town of Panajachel where your trip ends, so you can decide what to do the day or days before the festival. We definitely recommend you take a boat from Panajachel to San Marcos, San Pedro or to Santiago (where the festival takes place).

Meals: None.

Lodging: None.

Activities: Transportation from Antigua to Lake Atitlan (Panajachel).



- International Festival ticket.

- 24/7 guest support.


- Days 4 - 8 breakfasts.


- Days 4 - 8 lunches.


- Days  2, 4 - 7 dinners.


- All activities.


- All transfers between hotels and activities.


- 10 Nights accommodation.

-- 2 nights at Casa Rustica Boutique Hotel Antigua (in quadruple occupancy) or similar.

- 2 nights at Los Amigos Hostel Isla de Flores (in quadruple occupancy) or similar.

- 4 nights at El Mirador (camping).


- 2 nights at Luxury Pullman bus. 



- International flights.


- Day 1 - 3 & 9 - 11 breakfasts.  


- Day 1 - 3 & 9 - 11 lunches.


- Day  1, 3, 8 - 11 dinners.

- All the drinks at restaurants.

- Personal expenses of any kind.

- The not described services at our sample itinerary.


At El Mirador: 

Trekking from El Tintal to the heart of the Mayan Biosphere Reserve.


-Before the expedition, a storage place (at our offices) to leave your valuable things (the ones you will not use for the trek). 

-Lodging with professional camping gear (with all the necessary equipment), including tents, sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, yoga mats, mosquito nets, etc.

-01 Tour leader and 02 assistant guides. 

-02 Chef in charge of cooking all the meals. Three full meals per day + plus daily snacks & all the necessary water. If you have any specific diet or restrictions, let us know.

-02 Person in charge of the mules.

-05 Loading mules (for carrying all gear, equipment, and all types of supplies).

-02 Chair mules (for the explorers tired of the trek) when it's necessary. 

-Jungle showers (all days).

-Completely first aid kit and medical equipment.

-Charging generators for electrical equipment (just at the Mirador campsite).

-Sunrise and sunsets on the top of the temples. 

-Getting inside the pyramids to witness the latest discoveries. 

-Plus more surprises along the way (because we have the special keys).

El Mirador (sunset with the Tapir pyramid in the background).jpg

Your requirements and recommendations: 

- Travel with your Heart and mind open and be receptive to all the lessons that these sacred lands have for you :)

-The Mayan city of El Mirador (Finding the lost largest pyramid in the world; La Danta) it's an expedition for lovers of adventure and nature; with an open heart and mind that enjoys traveling out of their comfort zone. From the beginning of your journey until the end, you will not have any cell phone or internet connection (being entirely out of the modern world). All your days will start from around 4:30 - 5:00 am, walking about 08 hours daily (approximately 27 – 32 km or 18 - 23 miles) with small breaks through the Mayan jungle's humid paths with an average of 80% density and mixed topography.

-To make it successful, a professional team between expert tour leaders and local jungle survival guides are coming with us. With loading mules (for the gear, equipment, and supplies) and mules with chairs (for the explorers that might need rest). A chef in charge of preparing all the meals (3 meals per day, plus snacks and all the necessary water) and complete camping gear (tents, yoga mats, blankets and pillows, etc.)

-Tell all your friends, family, and community about it. We recommend having this experience with a group of your closest friends because it will connect all of you on a more profound and higher level.

- Follow the instructions of your tour hero and local guides. They know what they are doing. Ask them, question them, and also connect with them. They will surprise you.

Important Notes:

- No matter where you are, always travel with health & travel insurance.

-Remember that it's a total disconnection with the modern world. Not having any kind of signal (internet or telephone) from the beginning until the end of the expedition.  And a real connection with the ancestral world, where you have a much more profound connection.

-Just by traveling to El Mirador, you understand why we call it El Mirador, and you definitely won't be the same. So now you know, because there are no words to describe this experience! Start preparing yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually for the adventure of your lifetime. What are you waiting for?

-What to pack?

It is essential to carry only what is necessary for the five days of trekking in a travel (25 pounds) backpack transported on a cargo mule. The rest of your luggage can be left in the deposit of your hotel or at our offices. We recommend carrying a small backpack to transport your water, personal implements as light as possible, since you will have to take your bag during the trekking.

- All your magical and alchemy amulets to be charged at the pyramids :)

- Light long sleeve shirts and at least one pair of short sleeves.

- Cool pants or lululemon (no jeans) and at least one pair of shorts.

- Comfortable tennis or trekking shoes (an extra pair it's always good).

- Sticking plasters (you will definitely use these, trust us).

- Flip-flops.

- Socks and underwear. 


- All your hygiene items (towel, toothbrush, etc.) 


- Sunglasses, sunblock, and a hat or cap. 


- Sweater or jacket for the night.


- Raincoat (in case of possible rain).


- Mosquito/insect repellent.


- Container to carry water.


- Strong flashlight with extra batteries. 


- Good camera/video recorder with extra batteries and charging devices.

Personal medications; if you have some particular condition or under certain specific medicines, let us know, and take all the medication you need for the expedition's duration plus more. This one is a must for you to come.


- Your favorite snacks (those that you cannot leave without with).


- A small backpack to take on the trek, with your "must gadgets for the expedition."


- The cargo backpack with the rest of your things will be transported by the mules.


- We recommend bringing the minimum and indispensable.


-In closing, we can tell you this. We have traveled the world and done several treks. If you are into adventure, nature, ancient civilizations, sacred sites, history, culture, mysticism, the esoteric, this one will leave you with stories to share for ten lifetimes.

Important Notes
Maya B_Maya logo  (1) (1).jpg

Expanding hearts, minds and souls through transformational journeys.

When you have to choose between two roads, ask yourself which of them has a heart? Whoever chooses the path of the Heart never makes a mistake.

Popol Vuh (the sacred book of the Mayans).

With gratitude 🙏

MAYA COSMOS travel group  

How can we customize it for you? If it catches your attention, leaves you dreaming about it, and makes you smile, just let us know, and we can begin the process of tailoring it.


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