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A sacred pilgrimage to rediscover yourself and the largest pyramid in the world.

A heart-opening and inner journey to the Mayan lost city of El Mirador @ Guatemala:

Specially curated for your personal development, leadership and spiritual renewal by mindfully engaging with the heart of the Mayan Biosphere Reserve magic (conservation and protected area) and the elite Kan Kingdom (or the Serpent Dynasty) with a series of empowerment and rewarding activities. A total disconnection with the modern world and a real connection with the ancestral one.

Connect with the life primary source, learn about yourself (on a higher and deeper level) as you walk, explore and challenge into the unknown of the mighty jungle and about the most important city of the great Maya civilization (actually its ancient headquarters), its flora, fauna, ancient, myths, ceremonies, traditions, the Mayan calendars, etc. 

Immerse with the enigmatic Mayan lost city of El Mirador (one of the most powerful places of transformation on planet earth), experience bliss and cultivate joy during your journey and rediscover where one of humanity's greatest secrets is kept; the impressive Temple of La Danta (consider the biggest pyramid in Earth’s volume), and the site where it was created the first political state of all the Americas, and the first superhighway of the world.

Come fully as you are, travel with purpose and meaning and with your heart and mind open (ready to be expanded) and be receptive to all the life lessons that these sacred lands have for you. Be a positive change and feel good because with your presence you are supporting many noble causes that nowadays really matter. 



Consciously engaging with sacred sites (where the ancient Mayans practiced techniques that transformed seekers into illuminated ones) and with a series of mindfulness activities was the primary reason for doing what we have been doing for about 20 years. This is how we get closer and connected with something bigger than ourselves (the Great  Spirit, God or other ideas of higher forces). 


We love our sacred work which we do with passion and meaning and because it is what motivates us in life and we started our own healing and transformational journey a long time ago in order to be able to provide this type of service.   


At its core, we handcraft our experience designs with a holistic-wellness approach and framework and we co-create journeys that allow you, the residents you meet, and mother nature to create positive change and support the transformational economy. 


Everything here at Maya Cosmos travel group is about inner work, purpose and leadership for personal development.  We are here to grow together.


Travel dates: Available all year round.


Country: Guatemala.

Airport: GUA (arrival & departure). 


Duration: 13 days - 12 nights.

Type: -Transformational travel & wellness retreat. 

Rating: - Physical: Medium / High. 

              - Mental & spiritual: High.

Interest: Personal development, trekking, sacred sites, ancient history, nature, adventure, spirituality, ceremonial, wellness, mentorships, culture and community. 

Lodging: Luxury Boutique hotels and camping.  

Transportation: Van / microbus, boat & airplane.

DAY 01:
Guatemala city & Antigua Guatemala (World Heritage Site).

Welcome (GUA airport) - drive to Antigua - free & easy time - integration dinner activities - Luxury Hotel Antigua.

Meals: Dinner.
DAY 02:
Lake Atitlan, Panajachel & Santiago Atitlan towns.
Drive to Lake Atitlan - Panajachel visit - boat rides Lake Atitlan - Santiago Atitlan cultural immersion - boat rides Lake Atitlan - integration activities - Luxury Hotel Lake Atitlan. 

Day 3

Lake Atitlan, San Juan & San Marcos La Laguna tows.

Boat rides Lake Atitlan - San Juan visit and workshops - San Marcos visit and cacao ceremony - boat rides Lake Atitlan - integration activities- Luxury Hotel Lake Atitlan. 

Meals: Breakfast and lunch.


Day 4

Lake Atitlan & Antigua Guatemala (World Heritage Site).

Free & easy time - drive to Antigua Guatemala - Antigua Guatemala visit - Luxury Hotel Antigua.

Meals: Breakfast.

Day 5 

Guatemala City & El Petén (Mayan Lowlands).

Drive to GUA airport - flight FRS - Isla de Flores visit - free & easy time - drive to Hotel -  Luxury Hotel El Peten. 

Meals: Breakfast & Dinner.


Day 06-11

Peten & El Mirador (the heart of the Mayan Biosphere Reserve).

Transformational jungle trekking to the lost city of El Mirador - Camping. 

Meals: All.

Day 12

Tikal (World Heritage Site) and Guatemala city.

Drive to Tikal - Tikal expedition - drive to FRS airport - flight GUA - integration dinner activities - Luxury Hotel Guatemala city. 

Meals: All.


Day 13

Farewell drive to Guatemala City Airport (GUA) - Buen Camino.

Meals: Breakfast.

*Important Note: This private journey to Guatemala is an example, as all of our  journeys are custom-made. 



-Be guided through an introspective process during the creation of your travel design with a framework (that works inwardly for outward actions), video conferences and a pre-journey survey to find your real why and how do you travel, personal goals, aspirations and desired outcomes of the experience. 

-Receive informative documentation (for your preparation at all levels) and about your new cultural context, guides, the local community, environment, etc.    

-Have the joy to connect with a group of exceptional transformational travel professionals and coaches, wisdom keepers and spiritual guides, local community guides and more personalities to learn from their knowledge. 

-Have an authentic cultural immersion with lesser-known and off-the-beaten-path Mayan sites.

-Experience traditional Mayan blessings, rituals and ceremonies: cacao and “limpia” (cleansing) by “curanderos” (healers).

El Mirador (the sunrise of the Maya Biosphere Reserve)_.jpg

-Private sessions, teachings, meditations, healing and energy work, sharing circles and thoughtful discussions about the Mayan culture, spirituality and about your personal mayan nahual (or archetype) according to the ancient Cholq'ij calendar.


-Enough presence of conscious time for reflections, journaling, contemplation, meaning-making and full absorption of the experiences.

-Following up process (as a key point), with a series of video conferences for sharing, action taking, motivation, incorporation and sustain change.



-To deepen your connection with the infinite through expansive activities and experience bliss and cultivate joy during your journey. 


-To heal, transform your mindset and catalyze your personal transformation and human potential and in the same way change the world around you.


- To go to places you may not have dreamed of yet, far away from modern society and immersed into authentic cultures and nature.


-To the mysticism, adventure, the unknown and do you want to get out of your comfort zone. 


-To appreciate the healing and peaceful experience of visiting sacred sites, mother nature and the cosmos (that are the active teachers of your journey). 


-To sustainable experiences with a minimum impact and a regenerative approach. 


-To support social, community and environmental projects and become a guardian of the Mayan jungle with your visit.

Your requirements and recommendations that facilitate entering fully into the experience:

Remember that the ultimate journey and last destination is you and only you, because everything else is just another beautiful background.

- Come as you are (as real as it gets): In an authentic and honest way, with all your ancestors, personalities, inner child, with all your spirits and with all your light and darkness (because everybody is welcome).

- With a higher purpose: Loving, healing, forgiving, peace, discovering, understanding, envisioning, feeling and  connecting with the great spirit, the essence of your being, opening your heart and mind, diluting and controlling the ego, identifying and eliminating contents that cause suffering, and expanding your consciousness.

- With an attitude of trust and respect: Because it is sacred and very powerful, and confidence, to be in total harmony with yourself and with others (without any prejudice).  How you approach the experience is another key element for its outcome, so we are going to mindfully educate and guide you. 


- With empathy, compassion and cooperation: To connect humanly with others and allow mutual understanding, because we are all equal here with common goals and we are together in this experience.    

- With preparation (body, mind & soul): As a total disconnection with the modern world, you are not going to have any kind of signal (internet or telephone) from the beginning until the end of the expedition (days 06 - 11) and a real connection with the ancestral world, where you have a much more profound connection.  All your days are going to start from around 4:30 - 5:00 am, walking around 06 - 07 hours daily (approximately 27 – 32 km or 18 - 23 miles) with small breaks through the Mayan jungle's humid and flat paths with an average of 80% density and mixed topography.

- With the willingness to bridge the world's: To have a lasting effect in your life it is essential to extract and clarify the insights and teachings of your journey and ground them in your daily routine back home (for you and everything around you). In this way you  can get the most out of the experience and manifest the life changes that you  wish. We cannot ensure your transformation, but we can provide you with useful and practical tools for it (because at the end you are the one who decides). 

Where the journey ends, it's where the journey it begins.


- A Maya Cosmos travel group team composed of a personal travel designer and advisor, a high profile and specialized tour-retreat leader (mentor and coach) and experienced community  guides throughout your journey. Private hosts and a logistical expert (monitoring every step of your journey).

- 24/7 guest support.

- Round local flight (GUA - FRS / FRS - GUA).


- All transfers and boat rides, between hotels and activities in private service.  

- All the activities and special events, private guided tours, excursions, outdoor activities and entrance fees. 


- All the scheduled meals on the itinerary. 

- 07 nights of Luxury accommodation (double or twin shared rooms): 01 night in Guatemala city, 02 nights in Lake Atitlan, 02 nights in Antigua Guatemala, 02 nights in El Peten. 

- 05 nights of camping at El Mirador (single or double tents with camping gear including all the necessary equipment and more).

- Porters, loading mules (for carrying all gear, equipment, and all types of supplies), chair mules (for the explorers tired of the trek) when necessary.

- 01 Chef in charge of cooking all the meals plus 01 assistant. Three full meals per day,  daily snacks & all the necessary water. If you have any specific diet or restrictions, let us know.

- Completely first aid kit, medical equipment and an emergency plan. 

- Exclusive insider access.

- Sunrise and sunsets on the top of the temples. 

- Plus more thrills and surprises along the way (because we have the special keys to unlock the unknown and unseen).



- International flights and airport taxes.


- The not the scheduled meals on the itinerary and alcoholic drinks at restaurants.

- Personal expenses of any kind.

- Travel insurance.  

- The not described services at our sample itinerary.

For more detailed information, questions and pricing references, 

contact with us at:

El Mirador (sunset with the Tapir pyramid in the background).jpg
Maya B_Maya logo  (1) (1).jpg

Expanding hearts, minds and souls through transformational journeys.

When you have to choose between two roads, ask yourself which of them has a heart? Whoever chooses the path of the Heart never makes a mistake.

Popol Vuh (the sacred book of the Mayans).

With gratitude 🙏

MAYA COSMOS travel group  

How can we customize it for you? If it catches your attention, leaves you dreaming about it, and makes you smile, just let us know, and we can begin the process of tailoring it.

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