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A Mayan Galaktivation expedition to the PACAYA active volcano, the ACATENANGO volcano overnight and the magical ATITLAN lake

Your epic expedition from the Central Valley of the country with its mountains and active volcanoes to the mystical highlands and the Atitlan Lake. 

When you think of Guatemala, you probably think of ancient civilizations and culture, native and indigenous peoples, Mayan sacred sites, active volcanoes, mountains, colonial cities, and with this transformative and adventure journey, you are going to experience them and many other surprises along the way.

Definitely the highlights and hotspots of the country, having the experience of visiting the colonial city and World Heritage of Antigua, the Pacaya active volcano, the Acatenango volcano overnight hike and the magical Atitlan lake with Cosmic Convergence Festival. 

Specially designed for sophisticated, adventurous, and socially conscious travelers.

Travel dates:

Daily fixed departures in December 2022 and January 2023 for you and your friends to decide your own start dates.

Cosmic Convergence Festival fixed departure: 

Before the Festival: from Dec. 25th to Dec. 29th 

After the Festival: from Jan. 6th to Jan 10th 


05 days - 04 nights

Group size:

15-20 Explorers 

Expedition type & rating:

-Travel vacation package.

-Culture, adventure, community, nature, and spirituality.

-Moderate level.

Airport: Guatemala City (GUA)

-Arrival & departure. 


Price per explorer:

$1,600 (includes the festival ticket)

Travel for free: 

When you form your own group of at least seven explorers your trip it's totally free 

or if you prefer, the price of your trip is reduced within all the participants of your group. 


Contact information:

Your Itinerary

DAY 01:
Dec 25th

Welcome to Guatemala (Heart of the Mayan world), and your visit to Antigua (World Heritage Site):

Welcome at the Aurora International Airport (GUA) and transportation to the picturesque  and colonial City of La Antigua Guatemala (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), a magical town full of charm and probably the most visited one in the country. 

Free and easy time to explore (try to arrive at the country before midday and enjoy the sunset in Antigua with tea, coffee, or drinks), rest and prepare yourself for your upcoming transformative journey.  

Meals: None.
Lodging: Boutique hotel Antigua.
Activities: Welcome transfer and sightseeing. 
DAY 02:
Dec 26th

Pacaya active volcano; also known as the torch of the Americas and your lava encounters.

Typical breakfast and your transfer to the pacific coast until the Pacaya Volcano and Calderas Lagoon national park, so get ready for nature and adventure by hiking its interpretive trails of massive, rugged dried lava fields, magma stones, and steaming boilers (scorching). The volcano is surrounded by magnificent and breathtaking views of the Agua, Fuego & Acatenango volcanoes.

This hike is the least challenging volcano hike, but that doesn't mean that's easy. It's perfect for a group of travelers and families in search of a hot adventure.

Connect with this impressive volcanoes energy, and if we are lucky enough (and believe us that you will), the Pacaya and Acatenango (both active volcanoes) will set up a lava show for you! Because just recently, Pacaya has become more active again. 

Meals: None.

Lodging: Hotel boutique Antigua..

Activities: Pacaya active volcano tour.


Day 3

Dec 27th 

Acatenango volcano overnight! Prepare yourself for a truly adventure with astonishing views and countless lava eruptions.

Today is your visit to the famous Acatenango volcano, and you are going to make things properly by experiencing a sunset, a sunrise, and sleeping under the stars next to the acclaimed and active Volcan de Fuego (Fire volcano). 

So, don’t forget to pack your hiking clothes (a warm sweater, layer, fleece, rain jacket / windbreaker, and quick-drying leggings), a good pair of trainers, a hat, sunscreen and a basic 10 liters backpack. The temperature and weather of Acatenango vary significantly from around 20+ degrees Celsius (68+ Fahrenheit) during the day as you hike up and get down to below 0 Celsius (32F) at night.

Breakfast and your transportation to the massive volcanoes complex, for the beginning of your challenging and elevating hike, around 6 hours and until 4,000 above the Pacific coastal plain. 

Walk your way up the volcano and be able to notice the change in climates and ecosystems upwards by crossing hot cornfields and other ones infused with cloud forests, then a humid tropical setting, and the closer you get to the basecamp, the more volcanic ash and rubble with a cold environment and genuinely breathtaking panoramic views.   


Water, snacks and tropical fruits on the way and until your ascension to the summit. At the basecamp, rest and relax for the remainder of the day, or if you wish and you feel in condition to do so, we can continue with the path a little more (one hour) and get as close as possible to the Fuego volcano followed up by a  one-of-a-kind sunset before your hot and well deserved dinner. 


The reward and the most epic part of this adventure camping experience is watching Fuego Volcano erupting lava with a colossal “bang” next to you during the night. 


Honestly, it’s just breathtaking, speechless, and perfect for that photo moment.


Meals: Lunch and Dinner.

Lodging: Camping at Acatenango.

Activities: Acatenango volcano hiking tour and camping.


Day 4

Dec 28th

Early wake up before dawn, for even more breathtaking views, because it is during the morning when the skies are clearest.

Breakfast back at the campsite, and the beginning of your descent (approx 4-5 hours) followed by your drive to Antigua.  Enjoy lunch in town, and rest during the afternoon. 

Meals: Breakfast.

Lodging: Hotel boutique Antigua Guatemala.

Activities: Volcano Hiking and leisure time at Antigua.

Day 05

Dec 29th

Lake Atitlan and Cosmic Convergence festival:

Morning typical breakfast and the beginning of your journey through the Mayan highlands, most known as the sectors of our indigenous Mayan culture alive. Areas surrounded by beautiful landscapes of mountains, volcanoes, indigenous communities, and all kinds of crops until the town of Panajachel, located on the shores of one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, Atitlan. 


And it is in the town of Panajachel where your trip ends, so you can decide what to do the day or days before the festival. We definitely recommend you take a boat from Panajachel to San Marcos, San Pedro or to Santiago (where the festival takes place).


Meals: None.

Lodging: None.

Activities: Transportation from Antigua to Lake Atitlan (Panajachel).


Tomorrow the festival begins, so if you want to include your accommodation for Cosmic Convergence (Cosmic Lodging Hotels / Cosmic Tents or the Theme Camp The Journey) in your travel expedition package, just write us at



- International Festival ticket.

- 24/7 guest support.


- Day 3 lunch & dinner.


- Day 4 breakfast.

- All activities.


- All transfers between hotels and activities.

- For the Acatenango Overnight: Camping with professional gear plus a beanie, scarf, winter gloves, jackets (windbreakers, double layers, base layers, mid layers), head lamp and a 1.5L Nalgene water bottle.

- 04 Nights accommodation.

- 03 nights at Casa Rustica Boutique Hotel Antigua (in quadruple occupancy) or similar.


-01 night at Acatenango volcano basecamp.



- International flights.

- Days 1 - 3 & 5 breakfasts. 


- Day 1, 2, 4 & 5 lunches.

- Day 1, 2, 4 & 5 dinners.

- All the drinks at restaurants.

- Personal expenses of any kind.

- The not described services at our sample itinerary.


Your requirements and recommendations: 

- Travel with your Heart and mind open and be receptive to all the lessons that these sacred lands have for you :)

-- No matter where you are, always travel with health & travel insurance.

- Be prepared for the tropics and pack multiple changes of clothes. Clothing for warm and hot weather during the day: two pairs of pants, two pairs of shorts, three changes of shirts, a rain poncho, a swimsuit, and a sweater or jacket to wear at night. Walking shoes, hiking boots, sneakers, and sandals are all acceptable.

-Quick-dry clothing (especially a pair of convertible pants that zip at the knee to convert into shorts) is recommended for your visit to the tropical areas. 

-Always bring a towel, and please don't forget sunblock, bug spray, a flashlight, a sun hat, a lightweight raincoat or poncho, anti-diarrheal medicine, and wet wipes.

- Follow the instructions of your trip leader and local guides. They know what they are doing. Ask them, question them, and also connect with them, because they are going to surprise you on many levels. 

Why us?

Because our visionary approach focused on details and social outreach, changing the game in the Mayan lands, and maximizing your experience during your most valued asset, your vacation time!

Our Social Outreach:

Feel great because you are not only traveling, in fact you are also supporting many noble causes, and keep in mind that part of your investment in your trip benefits you, the residents you meet, and mother nature.


With a clear mission to preserve, protect, and encourage our sacred land, wildlife, ancient wisdom, culture, and future generations, we have been leaving a positive impact with the help of travelers like you for more than fifteen years. 


- high quality, hygiene, safety & comfort - 24/7 customer service - sustainable philosophy & social responsibility - exclusive & unique activities - amazing destinations - a team of local living legends - exquisite local food - handpicked accommodations - on-time transportation - and much more. 

Maya B_Maya logo  (1) (1).jpg

Expanding hearts, minds and souls through transformational journeys.

When you have to choose between two roads, ask yourself which of them has a heart? Whoever chooses the path of the Heart never makes a mistake.

Popol Vuh (the sacred book of the Mayans).

With gratitude 🙏

MAYA COSMOS travel group  

How can we customize it for you? If it catches your attention, leaves you dreaming about it, and makes you smile, just let us know, and we can begin the process of tailoring it.


Call us or email us now: 

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