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The Dream of an Ancestral Future

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” - Margaret Meade.

The systems that uphold contemporary industrial society are neither adequate nor future-ready. Simultaneously, there has never been a time where individuals and small communities have had more access to tools and technologies with the power to recode the operating systems that underpin this reality.

As the technological singularity approaches ever closer, we have the opportunity to code new systems of abundance. By remaining passive passengers on Spaceship Earth, we may encounter runaway artificial intelligence programmed to extract value from the material world, leading to the extinction of the human species.

Drawing from forgotten ancestral technologies and emerging breakthrough exponential technologies, our the power to recode the matrix draws from the Akashic records of the past, present, and future. By channeling information from the æther through neural networks and into the material realms, we can reshape the currents leading us through time and redirect them towards a future only limited by the boundaries of our collective imagination as a species.

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Is a transformative cultural initiative designed to leave a positive social and local impact. The festival supports different artists, organizations and community projects, encouraging a platform between cultures, Individuals and social impact projects.





Throughout the years, we’ve started some local projects, which is the spirit of the Cosmic Convergence, so we can share our knowledge to the locals and create a better and bigger community for everyone!

More info on this years project coming soon!

Cosmic Convergence THE JOURNEY

Did you know you can start your Cosmic Convergence adventure early and continue with it after the festival?

THE JOURNEY, a series of mystical expeditions, transformational event’s & retreats.

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Connect in a deeper and higher level with the cosmic family, its artists, its crew and with like minded people like you … Exploring the Mayan territory and learning to decipher its great mysteries, learning about sacred fire and medicinal ceremonies, sacred sites, ancient knowledge, cosmovision & spirituality, your nahual (alter ego) and about yourself in a way you have never explored before…


Truly one-of-a-kind and unforgettable adventures before and after the festival, for you to connect and truly discover the heart of the Mayan world.

- A Mayan galaktivation expedition (Antigua + Pacaya & Acatenango volcanoes + Atitlan Lake): 


05 days - 04 nights

- Trekking to the Mayan lost city of El Mirador (Finding the largest pyramid in the world; La Danta + Tikal):



11 days - 10 nights


Maximize your Cosmic experience with our Hospitality Services

Tent Rentals
Airport Transfer


Cosmic Shuttle / Airport Transfer

  • $85 (one way per person)  


Cosmic Tents

  • $75 (single) including deposit

  • $90 (double) including deposit

Accomodation near the festival
Early Arrival

Upgraded Camping Pass

  • $75 (single)

Cosmic Lodging

(at and near the festival)

  • $300 (single basic)

  • $400 (double basic)

Camping Gear 

(mattress, pillow & blankets)

  • $50 (single) including deposit

Book your Accommodation today! 

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Live Performances

Mayan Cosmovision Cosmic Convergence.jpg

Mayan Cosmovision

All applications are closed for this years festival.

Thank you to everyone who has applied. We will be reviewing all applications this month. If you are chosen you will hear from us before November!

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