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A series of transformative, uplifting & mystical expeditions, events & retreats before and after the Cosmic Convergence Festival.


Now is the perfect time to start planning the trip of your dreams!

Connect on a deeper and higher level with the cosmic family, its artists, its crew, and with like minded people like you …. Explore the Mayan territory “the other way around.” Learn to decipher its great mysteries, learn about fire and medicinal ceremonies, sacred, magical and powerful sites, ancient knowledge and wisdom, cosmovision & spirituality, the Mayan calendar, your nahual and about yourself in a way you have never explored before …


You are going to be walking the path of the mystics,  feeling that special bond with the main source, the others who have come before us and the ones to come. 


Unique transformative journeys being the result of LOVE, many years of local knowledge and the perfect mix between culture, adventure & spirituality combining reverence and respect for our ancient/contemporary wisdom and traditions with the joy of exploring the most sacred sites and breathtaking landscapes of the mayan territory. 


Specially crafted by our visionary and avant-garde partners MAYA COSMOS travel group for your inspiration & personal growth by a series of selected activities that will connect you deeply with the magic and mysticism of the mayans. You would have the honour of meeting our passionate and expert local tour leaders and guides, wisdom and fire keepers, musicians, healers, artists, artisans and more interesting friends to learn from their knowledge about life and the maya civilization.

Join us to actively explore our country's most beautiful destinations, its ancient civilization, culture, myths and legends, folklore, oral traditions, literature, art, architecture, music, enjoy delicious authentic foods and much more.

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