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Social Outreach

Pioneers in transformational events with community & environmental support in Central America and beyond!

For more than a decade and driven by the commitment to serve life and foster positive change and transformation, we've made a meaningful impact, thanks to supporters like you.

What do we do?

We cultivate inspirational experiences that benefit you, the residents you meet, and mother nature.


We provide direct and constant support through:

-Facilitating transformative, sustainable, and regenerative experiences.

-Initiating nonprofit projects and cultural events that support communities and the 

-The bioconstruction of bookstores and scholar classrooms and the reconstruction of a nutrition center with donations of materials. 

-Showcasing and exporting handmade products and edibles, giving local artists, artisans, and farmers international exposure.

-Engaging in volunteering activities.

-A large number of training and workshops to empower projects, communities and individuals ranging from business development, arts, bio-construction, recycling, nutrition, permaculture, and many more.

-Several collaborations with students, teachers and local authorities to create vibrant murals (in schools, community centers, and parks) that value nature and  indigenous culture and the establishing of rural scholar permaculture gardens (that were later copied and replicated several times).

-Donating materials and supplies to renovate and enhance various community projects and social centers.

-Offering monetary assistance

These ones are some examples of how a simple and heart open idea has grown more than we could have imagined.  


Join us in this awakened journey of making a positive impact, connecting hearts, and supporting plenty of nobel causes that today really matter.


Who are you supporting and how do you make a difference?

When you join our experiences and buy our products, you become a vital supporter of various impactful initiatives and your participation directly contributes to:

-Indigenous Rights and Female Empowerment Centers in Lake Atitlan (Santiago Atitlan).

-Education and Rural Schools in Lake Atitlan (Santiago Atitlan, San Juan La Laguna, and San Pablo).

-Permaculture and Reforestation efforts in Lake Atitlan (San Lucas Toliman), Alta Verapaz (Lanquin and Cahabon), and El Peten (San Andres).

-Associations of Mayan Spiritual Guides in Sololá (El Novillero), Lake Atitlán (Santiago Atitlán and San Pedro La Laguna).

-Cooperatives of Handmade Products and Agriculture in Lake Atitlan (Santiago Atitlan, San Juan La Laguna) and Las Verapaces (Lanquin & Cahabon).

-Support to Affected Communities during Natural Disasters across the entire national territory.

-Assistance to Independent Mayan Indigenous Artists across the entire national territory.

We couldn't do what we are doing if it weren't for these inspiring social projects' endless hard work.
For us is is an honor and privilege to partner with them to strengthen our mission and theirs. 

Celebrate with us and get to know about our remarkable achievements where the effects of our collective energy become more tangible. 

Bio-construction Works on Lake Atitlan:
  • With deep gratitude to all our supporters, attendees at our events, friends, family and community who have embraced our diverse projects, we proudly inaugurated after years of unwavering dedication:

  • The public library in San Juan La Laguna rural school.

  • The multifunctional public classroom in San Pablo La Laguna rural school.


Imagine the transformation: structures initially used as stages for our different events and retreats, now breathing life into the daily experiences of hundreds of children who lacked proper facilities for their education.

It is a blueprint for impact-driven event producers and experience designers to remodel internationally.


How can you help?

  • What we want most is to continue growing and expanding our positive and existing initiatives, partnerships and angel supporters-investors. 

  • Contact us for donations or if you know any project-organization or individuals that are aligned with our vision, with what we do and who want to collaborate and co-create.  

  • Spread the news about us to your community, friends and family, attend our events and purchase our products.

  • Join us, stand out and make a meaningful difference in this collective journey of empowerment, sustainability, regeneration and genuine connection. 


Your involvement is a powerful catalyst for the expansion of the transformational economy.

*Cosmic Convergence .EU is managed by the Cosmovision Verein (a tax deductible organization legally registered in Austria) and its non-profit fundraiser succession of events with a record of leaving a positive impact on the individual, collective, and social  levels. 

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